Gupta’s 'Kulfi' is one of the best frozen desert one can have in south and central Mumbai. The preparation methods of 'Gupta Kulfis' are very different and traditional from Gupta’s Ice Cream segment. Both of the sections are independently enjoyed by both regular customers and corporate sections of the city. Catering for parties, functions and wholesaling are the major business plus points other than direct sales over years. Fresh Indian and imported fruits, nuts, pulps and flavours are used for the best recipes directed by the experts. Gupta’s presentations for Kulfi and Ice creams sections are handled by Creative professionals from food packaging and processing industry. Each pack is designed according to the ingredients, characteristics and the shape of the particular product. Food grade material and latest trendsetting design is obvious to serve the best to the consumers satisfaction. Keeping consumer’s taste and health needs at the first row the company is reaching towards excellence day by day.

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